The Hospitaller Department of the Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem

The Hospitaller Department directs and encourages the Hospitaller work of the Order under the authority of the Master General and the United Grand Priories. An important aspect of this is research into the practical needs of Hospices, the Hospice Movement, and End of Life Care that remain unaddressed, and may be helped by the Order. Being represented by clinically and biomedically qualified experts, and having access to a wide network of medical specialists, the Department also reviews all project and grant applications for funds that have been forwarded by Commanderies for their regional Hospices.
The Order concentrates its funding towards the purchase of equipment and related assets that will directly benefit patients and the work of their carers.
Hospice funding and fund-raising project applications are negotiated directly with the Commanderies local to the Hospices, prior to forwarding to the Hospitaller Department for review. Details of Commandery contacts are found in the Organisation section. Commanderies comprise Richmond, Buckingham, Westminster, Colchester and Winchester. For more information please contact either the Charity or the Secretary General.

Members of the Hospitallers Department

Doctor Rosemary Waddy OStJ DCLJ SCLJ (Hospitaller)

Email: Hospitaller

Michael Seed

Professor Michael Seed KLJ OMLJ (Assistant Hospitaller)

Email: Assistant Hospitaller