The following is a selection of the fundraising activities of members of the Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem and supporters of the Saint Lazarus Hospice Association.

Fundraising actitivites are enthusiastically undertaken by members and friends of the Order. In addition to funds raised through the biannual Investitures and private donations, other events have included:



A fundraising event in Kronborg Castle, Elsinore, Denmark

A walk prior to lunch at the Savoir Faire Restaurant



A dinner and music evening in Mark Masons Hall

A visit to Benjamin Franklin’s House Visit

A Guided Tour and History of London Clubland

A trip to The Globe Theatre



A garden party hosted by Confrère Karl Debenham



A walking tour of ghostly parts in the City of London

A garden party hosted by Vice Chancellor Richard Sheridan

A trip to the Globe Theatre

A Fun Run


A garden party hosted by Confrère Karl Debenham

A visit to the Globe Theatre to see Macbeth

Jack the Ripper walk

Ladies 5k fun run in Hyde Park



A trip to the Globe Theatre to see As You Like It

A tour of the Tower of London

A visit to Hyde Park Barracks

A visit to the Royal London Hospital



The Saint Lazarus Ladies Fun Run

Going to the dogs

Visit to the Globe Theatre

House of Commons Dinner



Toseland's Ladies Festival

Breast Cancer at Addenbrookes Hospital



Tea in Surrey



Buckingham Commandery Barbeque


“I would like, on behalf of our charity, to thank them for their great effort and very generous donation”

Frà John Baron von Hoff

President of The Saint Lazarus Hospice Association