1 May 2008


Chevalier Antony Baldry KLJ MP was the host at a Reception and Formal Dinner for Members and Guests of The Grand Priory of England, Wales, Isle of Man and Channel Islands of The Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem, held at the House of Commons, London on Saturday 12th April 2008.

The Dinner was sponsored by the Commandery of Westminster, and Captain Richard Sheridan CLJ OMLJ RA, the Commander of Westminster, presided.

54 Members and Guests were present and enjoyed a delightful Reception on the Terrace overlooking the Thames, followed by a first class meal. Amongst the Members attending was the Chancellor of the Grand Priory, Lieutenant Colonel Roderick Morriss TD KCLJ KMLJ DL, and Consœur Susanna Morriss MLJ; the Deputy Chancellor, Chevalier Joachim Seydel KLJ OMLJ and Consœur Rhiannon Seydel OLJ.

The Guest of Honour was the Master-General of the Order, Frà John Baron Dudley von Sydow von Hoff OStJ GCTS  GCLJ GCMLJ KV CMV accompanied by the Grand Treasurer, Dame Commander Pauline Baroness von Sydow von Hoff DCLJ DCMLJ.

A charitable donation of £407 was raised in aid of the Saint Lazarus Hospice Association.