6 August 2008


On Saturday 2nd August 2008 a fund raising event was held, and hosted, by the Commander, Surgeon Commander Trevor Dutt RD CLJ RNR, and Secretary, Consœur Bridget Whiting MLJ, of the Commandery of Richmond.

Thirty members and guests attended a Dog Racing evening at the Walthamstow Stadium in London. The evening, which was held in the prestigious Ascot Suite, included a first class buffet supper with endless champagne, and provided yet another opportunity for the members and their guests to enjoy each others company. The placing of bets on the various dogs proved to be great fun, and one or two of those present were fortunate enough to win some serious money, however the overall event was designed to bring together members, and potential members, in an informal atmosphere, and this was successfully achieved. A sum, in excess of £400 was raised for the Saint Lazarus Hospice Association.

Amongst the members present was the Master-General, Frà John Baron von Hoff and the Grand Treasurer, Dame Grand Cross Pauline Baroness von Hoff; the Chancellor, Lieutenant Colonel Roderick Morriss and Consœur Susanna Morriss; the Commander of Westminster, Captain Richard Sheridan and the Secretary General, Consœur Patricia Sheridan.

One of the races was designated ‘The Saint Lazarus Hospice Association Charity Race’ and the Master-General was invited to present the winning owner with his trophy.

As Walthamstow Stadium is due for permanent closure in mid-August, having been opened in 1933, it provided a possible first, and probably last, opportunity for many of those present to enjoy the festive atmosphere and fun of a ‘dog racing’ event.